Solutions for the cosmetics industry.
Trade with unauthorized goods and counterfeits is a growing problem for a lot of manufacturers in the cosmetics industry. To combat grey market trade, BetterTec Services GmbH developed a solution set which includes the Serialization and Tracing of products. The “plug and play” solution is able to trace back every product starting at the retailer across the central warehouse through to the manufacturer. This is possible through the use of our Supply Chain Solution. Part of this solution is our Serialization Solution, which goal is to generate, manage and administrate unique and safe identification numbers (IDs) on item, carton and pallet level. BetterTec’s Portfolio also contains a Warehouse Solution, which deals with stock management and commissioning based on a machine-readable storage location. Our Consumer Solution can be used for tracing products as well, but also serves for personalization and customer loyalty programs, e.g. Loyalty Codes. The customer can be addressed with relevant and localized information and can be informed about new innovative product functionalities.

The compliance solution for the EU-falsified medicines directive. BetterTec Services GmbH offers an ideal solution for a tamper-evident labelling of prescription medicines, as the new rules of the EU directive 2011/62 will enter into force in February 2019. BetterTrace Pharma is an easy-to-use and fast-to-implement software solution that allows to print the information, which is required by the EU, on tamper-evident labels. At the same time, BetterTrace Pharma provides the required serial numbers in an export-file ready for transmission to the European Hub via the EMVO gateway. Contact us in case of any questions and we will support you to reach your compliance goal.